If you are entering into an industry that you are not familiar with it can be daunting. Allow us to us to introduce our service that is designed to alleviate the stress and prevent those sleepless nights. Once you hand over the reigns to us we will ensure that all your remedial works not only take place on time but to the highest standard and fully compliant to Health & Safety Regulations.

Asbestos Remedial Works

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Fire Regulation Compliance

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Legionella Prevention

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Asbestos Abatement

Whether you require the complete removal of asbestos containing materials from a site or the encapsulation of materials within a property, we can supply a service that fully complies with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Licensed Asbestos Works

Asium will ensure that the appropriate asbestos remediation works are instructed for your project and we are able to provide a complete project management service for licensed works that may be required.

This covers the process from competitive tendering through to job completion and safe re-occupation of the premises. We will liaise with a number of Licensed Asbestos Removal Companies (LARC) on your behalf to provide this service and we can guarantee complete impartiality for our clients.

Notifiable Non-Licensed Asbestos Works

Notifiable non-licensed asbestos works must be notified to the HSE in advance of any works taking place and must include a written plan of works. This HSE notification form is known as an ASBNNLW1.

The type of work that this notification should cover can include:

  • Large scale removal of asbestos containing textured decorative coatings
  • Asbestos cement products (eg roof sheeting) where the material has been substantially damaged or broken up
  • Asbestos paper and cardboard products if not firmly bonded in a matrix

Non-Licensed Remediation Works

At Asium we offer a competitive non-licensed asbestos remediation service to our clients. The removal of these materials is considered lower risk but suitably qualified personnel must still conduct the works. Examples can include items such as:

  • Encapsulation and sealing-in work on asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that are in good condition
  • Work involving asbestos-containing thermoplastic and vinyl floor tiles, bitumen roof felt, shingles, damp-proofing coatings, and mastics
  • Removal of asbestos cement products, such as roof sheeting and rainwater goods, provided the material is carefully handled/removed without breaking up

You must ensure that the contractor you use has a waste carriers licence, this information can be checked on the Environment Agency website– our waste carriers license CBDU284360.

Asium will dispose of the asbestos containing waste at a suitably located waste transfer station that accepts hazardous materials, and a waste consignment note shall be produced for your records.

“Thinking of taking the shed down at the bottom of the garden? But the asbestos is worrying you?”
Call now for a no obligation quote for the removal and disposal. 

“Do you need the asbestos cleared before you start your re-build?”
Call us now for a quote and we’ll get you moving.

Reinstatement Works

The one thing that is forgotten about following the removal of an asbestos containing material is the fact that it will need replacing, as it has been an integral part of your building.

At Asium we will listen to your requirements and offer some making good options so that you still have a ceiling or indeed doors to secure the property after the works have taken place, or a modern alternative product to offer fire protection that the asbestos may have been used for in years gone by.

We will be happy to quote for the reinstatement of the materials that are removed, which can save you the extra worry of finding a trusted contractor and another set of contacts.

Trust us to manage your project from start to finish, whilst you relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Sectors who will need the Asbestos Management service:

Private Home Owners

Looking to purchase the house of your dreams and put your stamp on it? We can remove the asbestos items to allow you to get cracking, and create that perfect environment for you and your family, worry free.

Estate Agents

If your client requires an ACM removed or encapsulated before they purchase their new house, give us a call and we can talk you through the options. We can also offer reinstatement of materials bespoke to your clients needs before they move in.


Remove the annual worry of the asbestos survey re-inspection and remove the ACM’s entirely. No asbestos equals one less thing to worry about.

Block Management

Been managing ACM’s in a building for a while but they are deteriorating? Damaged or tired looking asbestos materials present a potential risk to the health of the occupants.

Trades – Builders/Plumbers/Electricians/Carpenters

Got the job, planned the start date. Are you sure you won’t be disturbing asbestos containing materials? If in doubt give us a call for a no obligation quote for safe removal and disposal, to reduce unnecessary delays, and prevent possible fibre exposure to yourself or your employees.


Have you acquired a large abandoned site with asbestos waste in the grounds? Give us a call before you allow contractors on site and we’ll assess the type of materials and the appropriate actions for clearance.


Are you designing a modern extension to an existing property? Ensure that the asbestos is removed from both sides of the party walls prior to disturbance.


Most of the buildings that you own or care for will be built prior to the year 2000, therefore they are likely to contain asbestos. Keep your registers up to date and let us know if you need assistance with the management of ACM’s.

Commercial Agents

Are you letting a commercial unit and the prospective tenant is concerned about some damaged asbestos floor tiles or textured coating on the ceilings? Call us now for a removal & reinstatement quote to allow the lease to start on time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

Long term health benefits

Short term cost benefits

No on-going disturbance from management procedures

Asbestos material remains and a plan to manage initiated

Worry free occupation of the property

On-going management and maintenance of the asbestos

Freedom to refurbish the building at any point in the future without restrictions

On-going inspections and associated annual costs

Eliminate the prospect of asbestos exposure claims from employees

Deterioration of an ACM could cause increase in exposure risk


Do all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) need to be removed?

Only if they are likely to be disturbed or are in really poor condition, there could be a situation where encapsulation is a remedial option that is more beneficial for our clients.

Do you collect debris that has fallen to the ground?

Yes we do. Following positive identification from bulk sampling of the material, we can attend the property and remove the material, therefore preventing further fibre release into the atmosphere.

How can I dispose of asbestos cement debris that has been bagged up by my contractor?

We offer a collection service for these situations when a contractor has deemed themselves competent to remove the unlicensed ACM. The material should be removed as per the regulations and double bagged or wrapped in 1000 gauge polythene prior to pick up.

What is Encapsulation?

This is a process of applying a vapour barrier coating to an unsealed or damaged ACM. The application prevents fibre release and increases the lifespan of the material providing it is managed according to The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

What area do you cover?

We operate throughout London and the surrounding counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

Do you provide air testing during the removal process?

We will provide air monitoring as standard practice unless the process of removal in unlikely to exceed the control limits.

How is the asbestos waste disposed of safely?

The hazardous waste shall be disposed of at a, fully regulated, licensed waste transfer station that accepts asbestos containing waste.

What information do you need in order to provide a removal quotation?

For us to return a quotation, we shall need a copy of the latest Asbestos Management Survey or the Refurbishment/Demolition Survey reports. These documents shall give us identification of materials, location, and approximate amounts of each ACM. If these are unclear or we need to clarify a few points within them, we shall liaise with our clients to arrange a site visit where further questions can be addressed to secure the most accurate price for the suggested remedial works.

How long does the removal process take?

It all depends on the type and amount of ACM involved. Non-notifiable works could be actioned within a day, and licensed works will generally require 3 weeks lead time in order to produce and submit a plan of works to the HSE.

Do Asium provide the service of reinstatement following removal works?

If Asium Project Management are instructed to remove the asbestos from a building, we shall automatically offer the service of material reinstatement from plasterboard ceilings to brand new fire doors.


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